Promoting a Lead to a Prospect

After completing this lesson you should be able to:

- Define when a Lead can be promoted to a Prospect.

- Enter  relevant Prospect details.

- Save the record

Scenario: You qualify a Lead who has expressed an interest in a sales tour of your site. This is the trigger to promote to a Prospect and add any extra information which will help you close a sale when they visit.

Your main objective concerning Lead Records is to qualify them so that time and money is not wasted with Leads that have little or no sales potential. This involves asking certain questions that will enable you to assess:

Does the Lead fit your target market?

Are they ready to buy now?

If the answer to both questions is 'yes', then you may decide to promote them to a Prospect. When you promote a record all existing fields, notes and histories are retained, but you will probably see the information in a different layout with extra fields and tabs displayed. This is because a Lead record only contains a bare minimum until you are sure they have enough potential to move to a Prospect.

To promote a Lead to a Prospect:

To promote a Lead to a Prospect:

From the Record Detail View toolbar click the Prospect arrow icon.

A new Prospect record will be displayed with all the previous Lead information carried across

Click the Save icon. The record will be converted to use the default prospect layout.

Complete any further fields and click Save and Close (2) to finish.

The record will no longer be displayed on the Leads tab and can be seen in the Prospects List View.


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