Booking a Multi-participant General Activity

After completing this lesson you will be able to make a booking for a general activity that allows multiple participants to be booked onto it.

In this scenario we will book 4 participants onto an indoor tennis court for a game of doubles using the Bookings WebClient.


A General Activity can be a one-to-one activity (such as a member booking a Personal Trainer) or it can be an activity that allows multiple participants (e.g. a tennis doubles that requires 4 people). When an administrator sets up a general activity booking, you will need to specify the maximum number of participants with the default being 1 participant.

Note: Only bookings are made on the WebClient. Payment can be made when the participants arrive for the booking or if the member makes the booking themselves using WebAccess.

Select the day and the product

Select the day and the product

Click on the General tab (1) to bring up the list of available General Booking Products.

Use the day tabs along the top of the screen (2) to find the required availability.

Click the product Indoor Tennis Doubles (3) to bring up the time slots available on that selected day.

Select the timeslot

Select the timeslot

The day calendar displays the number of resources available (courts in this example), along with the free time slots.

In this scenario the member wants to book Court 1 at 11:30, so you will click the corresponding slot to bring up the Booking dialog box.

Select the first participant

Select the first participant

In this scenario, the first participant is a member so you will click the Find Member button to bring up the Find Member dialog box.

Select Matthew Blackburn and click the OK button.

Matthew is now the selected member (1) and the price he pays in this case is £5.00 (2).

Click the OK button to reserve the timeslot.

The court will be reserved with 3 more participant spaces available.

To add more participants

To add more participants

Click on the timeslot to bring up the Multi-participant Booking dialog box.

Click the Add Member button (1) to bring up the Add Member dialog box.

To select another member as a participant

To select another member as a participant

Click the search button, select the member you want to add from the search dialog and click the OK button to confirm.

The selected member will be added to the multi-participant booking dialog and the number of available spaces on the booking will be reduced by one.

To add a non-member as a participant

To add a non-member as a participant

In the Multi-participant dialog box, click the Non-mem button to bring up the participant dialog box.

Enter the details for the non-member e.g. name and mobile number,and click OK to continue.

If the price of the activity is different for a non-member, you can check this in the Price Band drop down.

Click OK to add the non-member to the participant list.

Once all the participants have been selected the status of the activity will change to FULL.

Click Close to return to the day calendar.

The completed booking will display 0 spaces left.

When the participants arrive, the will each need to pay through FrontDesk.


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