Booking a Member into a Class

After completing this lesson you will be able to find a class and book a Member onto it.

In this scenario we are booking a Pilates class for a Member called Matthew Blackburn.

Note: Only bookings are made on the WebClient. Payment for any related charges can be made when the participant arrives for the booking or if the member makes the booking themselves using WebAccess.

Select the day and the class

Select the day and the class

Click on the Classes tab (1) to bring up the list of available Classes.

Use the day tabs along the top of the screen (2) to find the required day.

Click the product Pilates (3) to bring up the Book Class dialog .

Click the Add Member button (4) to bring up the Find Member dialog box.

Select Matthew Blackburn and click the OK button.

Matthew is now the selected member and the price he pays in this case is £1.50.

Click the OK button to add Matthew to the class.

Matthew is now added to the class and will be charged when he checks in.

To finish and return to the class list, click the Close button.


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