Cancel a Class for all Participants

After completing this lesson you will be able to find a class and cancel the session.

In this scenario we are cancelling a Pilates class for all the participants due to Instructor illness.

Select the day and the class

Select the day and the class

Click on the Classes tab (1) to bring up the list of available Classes.

Use the day tabs along the top of the screen (2) to find the required day.

Click the product Pilates (3) to bring up the Book Class dialog .

Click the Cancel Session button (4).

This will bring up a warning dialog confirming that you are cancelling the session for all participants. If you want to continue click OK to bring up the Session Cancellation dialog box.

Select the Reason for cancellation from the dropdown and then click the Cancel Session button to confirm.

Note: Cancellation reasons are user-defined so you can set up reasons that make sense for your checking and reporting. Examples could be instructor absence, room not available etc

Once cancelled, the class will no longer be visible in the booking list and all participant bookings will be cancelled.


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