Search for Availability Using the Class Bookings Filter

After completing this lesson you will be able to use the Filter button to find a list of classes that meet your criteria.

Scenario: A member asks 'what spinning classes are available this week and when'?

From the main booking screen, click the Filter button. This will bring up the Class Session Filter dialog box.

Enter the various filter criteria that you would like to use:

Class and Resources

  • Class - Enter a word or phrase for the class. This could be the exact name or part of a name.
  • Instructor - If the member wants to find out what their favourite instructor is doing, you can select the name from the dropdown. The default is 'All'.
  • Location - You can also filter by a location e.g. Studio 1. The default is 'All'.


You can filter by certain relative dates such as 'today', 'this week' etc. or enter a custom date range.


By default the filter shows any time but you can also enter a time range in 24 hour format e.g. 'Between 16:00 and 19:00'

Once your filter selections have been made, click OK to see the results in the main bookings screen.

The results screen displays the classes that meet your criteria, along with a summary of your filter selections.

You can then select the desired class and make a booking as normal.


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