Booking a Non-member into a Class

After completing this lesson you will be able to find a class and book a Non-member onto it using the Bookings Webclient.

Click on the Classes tab (1) to bring up the list of available Classes.

Use the day tabs along the top of the screen (2) to find the required day.

Click the desired class (3) to bring up the Book Class dialog .

Click the Add Non-member button (4) to bring up the Add dialog box.

Unlike a Member booking, Non-member details are never saved so you will need to enter some information that will help you to identify the person when they arrive for their booking (typically, this will be their name and a telephone number).

Enter the details and click OK to return to the Add dialog.

The details for the Non-member will be displayed, along with the price they need to pay over the phone or at Reception when they arrive for the booking.

In step 3 you can add any notes that may be relevant to the booking.

Click OK to return to the class booking dialog.

The Non-member booking will be displayed in the class attendees list (5).

Click Close to complete the booking process and return the the main booking screen.


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