Cancelling a Class Booking

After completing this lesson you will be able to cancel a class booking for a member.

Scenario: The member calls and requests a cancellation for their class. Because the User answering the query is not at the front desk, they cancel the booking through the WebClient.

Note: Bookings can also be cancelled using the FrontDesk module or by the member themselves using WebAccess for self-service.

Locate the class booking using the Search button or the Day View filters. In this case we're using the Day View filters.

Click on the class to bring up the booking dialog box.

Clcik to select the record you would like to cancel the booking for and then click the Cancel button. This will bring up the Booking Cancellation dialog box.

Select the reason for the cancellation from the drop down box. This will be useful for future reporting and analysis.

Depending on the rules for the booking and when the booking is cancelled, there may be a cancellation fee which is displayed here.

To confirm your choices click the Cancel Booking button to return to the main booking dialog box.

The cancelled booking will be grey and can only be seen by clicking the All Bookings radio button (1).

You can also see cancellations in the Bookings tab of the member's record.


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