Adding a Member to a Class Waiting List

After completing this lesson you should be able to add a member to the waiting list of a class that's full.

On the main booking screen a full class is displayed in red. In this example, the 10 spaces are filled and there ar no members in the waiting list.

Click the class to bring up the Book Class dialog box.

Click the waiting list tab.

The waiting list is displayed. In this example there are no members currently waiting.

To add a member to the waiting list click the Add button. This will bring up the Find Member dialog box.

Enter the search details and click on the desired member displayed in the list.

To use the selected member, click OK to confirm.

The member has now been added to the waiting list and their current position is number 1 in the queue. This is important when you have a long waiting list with lots of people asking where they are in the list queue.

The main class list will still display the class as full but now you can see there is 1 person on the waiting list.


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