Adding a Member to a Class from the Waiting List

After completing this lesson you will be able to add a member to a class from the associated waiting list.

Scenario: A space on a previously full class becomes available and you contact the first member on the waiting list. They confirm they would like to be booked into the class.

In the Class List View, any full classes are highlighted in red. In this case there are 2 people on the waiting list.

Click on the Class to bring up the Booking dialog box.

People on the waiting list are shown in sequential order (1) and you would normally invite the person who is first on the list if a space becomes available.

If they no longer want a place you can contact the 2nd person on the list and so on.

To book the selected person into the class click the Book button (2). This will bring up the Book member from waiting list dialog box.

Click OK to confirm the booking.

The Member is added to the Class Attendee List and the waiting list count is reduced by one.


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