Canceling a General Booking

After completing this lesson you will be able to cancel a general booking, such as a personal training session, and see the result in the member's record.

Click on the item you would like to cancel. This will bring up the Amend Booking dialog box.

Click the Cancel Booking button. This will bring up the Booking Cancellation dialog box.

Select a Reason for cancellation from the drop down list. This is useful for future analysis and reporting.

Depending on your cancellation rules and the time the booking is canceled, there may be a cancellation fee. In this case the cancellation fee is a percentage of the full fee.

To confirm the cancellation, click the Cancel Booking button. This will return you to the day calendar.

The booking slot will now be available again for someone else to book.

The cancellation fee will be added to the member's finance record, along with an entry in the Booking Details tab in the Membership Webclient.


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