Making a General Booking that includes Optional Resources

After completing this lesson you will be able to add additional products when making a booking.

When you set up a bookable item you can also decide if it can be associated with another booking. For example, if you offer tennis coaching you could provide extra options for use of a ball machine and racquet. These items can be assigned a price that will be charged in addition to the usual item booking fee.

When you make a booking you will immediately see which additional products are connected to the item in Step 4. Note: this will only display items that are available at the same time as the item being booked.

To choose an additional item, click on it and  then click the Add button. This will bring up the Book Additional Product dialog box.


Here you can choose the resource to book and the cost (if any) that will be added to the overall booking fee.

Once you're happy with your choices, click OK to confirm.

The additional item is now in the Selected Products area (1) and the price is displayed, along with the total for all items (2).

To confirm your selections and make the booking, click the OK button.


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