Printing the Results of a Bookings Search

After completing this lesson you will be able to search for existing bookings and print a list.

Scenario: A member has asked for a list of their bookings to take away.

From the main booking screen click the Search button. This will bring up the Search Booking dialog box.

In the Search Bookings dialog box you can search by the booking reference for the item or by the member name or number.

You can also choose to include cancelled bookings in your search by placing a tick in the Include Cancellations check box.

When you have entered your search parameters, click the Search button. This will bring up the Search Results dialog box. In this example we're searching for all the bookings belonging to Mathew Beta.

The search results will bring up a list of matching bookings. To view the details of a particular booking, simply double click the item to bring up the Booking dialog box.

To generate a printout of the list, click the Print button. This will bring up the Report Preview dialog box.

The report displays the following information:

  • Booking Reference - The unique reference for the booking.
  • Product - The name of the item booked.
  • Date and Time
  • Resources Included - The physical (rooms, equipment etc) and human (trainers, teachers etc) resources involved in the booking.
  • Member Name and Number
  • Price - How much the booking cost.
  • Payment Status - How much of the price has been paid. This could be all, nothing or part-paid.

To print the report click the Print icon on the tool bar (1).

To export the report to Excel or PDF select the format from the dropdown list and click Export in the toolbar (2).


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