Cancel Optional Resources for a General Booking

After completing this lesson you will be able to cancel an optional item but keep the main booking.

Scenario: A member wants to cancel their racquet hire for their upcoming Tennis booking.

Use the Day View to locate the booking or click the Search button.

Once the booking is located, open the Amend Booking dialog box.

Click on the booked optional product and then click the Cancel Optional button. This will bring up the Booking Cancellation dialog box.

In the Booking Cancellation dialog box, enter the reason for the cancellation. You can also see the cancellation fee to be charged based on the cancellation template rules attached to the booking.

To confirm the cancellation of the additional product click Cancel Booking.

The original booking will be displayed without the additional product. If any change is required to the price, this will also be made.

To confirm your changes, click the Close button.


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