Attachments Overview

An Attachment Type is a container for documents you may wish to upload and attach to a members record. As well as acting as a container, attachment types can also have behaviour and expiry settings attributed to them such as:

  • Required
  • Only available to new joiners
  • Only available after a specified date
  • Restricted by member type
  • Restricted by package
  • Set to expire with the members package, after a specified duration or on rejoin.

The benefits of using attachment types are:

  • Paperless system - All uploaded files are stored as data, avoiding the need for paper-based solutions.
  • Control over documents - Documents may be flagged as missing, invalid or expired in the system, making control and reporting easy and achievable.
  • Accurate reporting - Since the documents are maintained by the system, reporting will be accurate.
  • Centralised - All documentation will be kept and maintained in a single place.
  • Historic documents - Unless deleted through the system, documents will remain in the system and can be viewed at any time.
  • Security - Access to member documentation is via the system and controlled through user roles and permissions. Only users with sufficient privileges may upload, view, delete and report on member documents.


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