Configuring Attachment type Behaviour and Expiry

After completing this lesson you should be able to Make an Attachment type :

  • Required
  • Only available to new joiners
  • Only available after a specified date
  • Restricted by member type
  • Restricted by package
  • Set to expire

Attachment Behaviour

The behaviour options set on an attachment will make it available to different types of member as well as allow it to be set as "required".

  1. Required - If an attachment type is set to required, a member will need to have a Valid document associated to the Attachment type in order for it to not be an outstanding attachment.
  2. New Joiners - Attachments will only be available to members joining on or after the date specified
  3. Defer Application - Attachments will be available to all members on or after the date specified
  4. Available To - Allows you to specify if the attachment is available to all members, Only Primary members or only Associate members
  5. Applies To -  Allows you to specify if the attachment is available to all members or only to members on specified packages.

Package specific Attachments

Once you have selected "Selected packages only" from the "Applies to" option (5) the packages tab will be automatically enabled. By highlighting the appropriate packages on the left hand side, clicking the arrow to bring them across to the "Selected packages" section, it will make the attachment type available only to members on the selected packages.

Expiring Attachments

If the setting "Can Expire" is selected, an attachment can be set to automatically expire. If a member's attachment has expired it is marked as being no longer valid. If the attachment is also set as mandatory the attachment will be marked as an "Outstanding attachment"

Expiry dates for attachments can be calculated in the following three ways:

  1. With Package - Expires with the members package
  2. After Preset period - Expires after the period of time specified
  3. On Rejoin - If a member cancels or expires, the attachment will no longer be valid on re-join.


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