Attachment Roles / Permissions

After completing this lesson you should be able to restrict the level of access your members of staff have to the Attachments feature.

To access the list of roles relating to attachments click on the "Users" section (1), then on the "User Roles" tab (2) and type "Member Attachment" into the "Find Permissions" field (3). This will display the 4 roles relating to Attachment types.

  • Can Add/Edit Member Attachments - Restricts the ablility to add any new attachments to members and also to edit them, i.e, validate, add notes or change the expiry.
  • Can change Member Attachments Expiry Date - When adding an attachment to a member you have the opportunity to manually specify an expiry date. This option is disabled if the role is not ticked.
  • Can Delete Member Attachments - Restricts the ability to delete a members attachment.
  • Can View Member Attachments - This restricts access to the entire attachments feature from the membership client. If this is dissabled, the attachments tab will no longer be visible for the user.


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