Setting up Package Restrictions for Associate Members

From within each package you can specify if a primary member can have associate members attached to their record and, if they can, what restrictions should be placed on the associate when joining.

Setting restrictions for associate members

The Entry Rules tab can be accessed on the Membership Packages Administration window.  This windows is visible when creating a new package or editing an existing package.

On the Entry Rules tab the Associate Member Policy for Primary Members section controls if the package can have associate members, and any restrictions that will be applied to them.  There are 4 options:

Individual - A member cannot have any Associates connected to their package.

Unrestricted - An Associate member may be linked to the package and they can be on any Associate-enabled package. This is the most flexible option but can lead to more complicated combinations where both members may have different membership periods and renewal dates e.g. mixing an annual package with a monthly one.

Synchronised - Associate members may only join Associate-enabled packages with the same duration. This option is slightly more restrictive but is much easier to manage in terms of renewals as both packages must be monthly or annual, for example.

Joint/Family - Associate members can only join the same package as the Primary member. This is the most restrictive rule but is the easiest to administer as this ensures Primary and Associate packages are the same.

Select the desired options and click OK to confirm.


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