Configuring User Fields

After completing this lesson you should be able to:

- Create your own user defined fields

- Edit existing user defined fields

You can extend the capabilities of LeisurePoint by adding any number of extra fields to your Lead, Prospect, Organisation and Member records. You can then decide where on each layout screen the user fields will be positioned.

You can create the following types of user fields:

  • String - Text-based data
  • Integer - Numbers
  • Currency - Numbers with a currency symbol for the locale e.g. £30.00 for UK, $30.00 for USA.
  • DateTime - e.g. 12/10/2008 12:01
  • Boolean - Data that can be either 'true' or 'false' e.g. Can send email? Yes No
  • Lookup - The field is connected to a drop-down list of lookup items. This list will need to be created before you can link it to a user field.
  • Decimal - A number with a decimal point e.g. 32.5

To create a user field

Click the Layout (1) button on the Navigation Bar at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the User Def Fields (2) Sidebar tab to view a list of the existing user defined fields.

From the File menu, select User-Fields and then Add User Field. This will bring up the Add User Defined Field dialog box.

Enter the required information in the Category and Field Properties areas:

Field Category - select from the drop-down list if the field will be related to Contacts (Lead, Prospect, Pending Members and Member), or Organisations.

Underlying Field Name - This is the name of the field at a database level and is not seen by a standard user. You should think carefully about how you name your fields as these may be used by other people when writing and reviewing reports that include the field.

Field Description - This is the field name the end-user will see on the LeisurePoint layout screen. Try to make sure the name is descriptive without it being too long as it may not fit on your layout.

Field Data Type - Click on the lookup button to select from a list of field types (Currency, Lookup etc) and click OK to confirm your selection.

Maximum Storage Length - This applies to String (Text) fields only. Enter the maximum number of characters that you think the field will require. This is important because if the number is higher than you need you will be making the database bigger than it needs to be and this could impact performance.

Link to Lookup Table - This applies to Lookup fields only. Click on the lookup button and select the lookup table you would like to associate with the field and click OK to confirm. If a new lookup table is required you should create it first before trying to add the field.

Click OK to confirm. This will close the dialog and return you to the grid list view.

Your new field should now be displayed in the list.

Before you can see the field in the WebClient it will need to be added to your layout template file.  Please contact SDA Support for instructions on how to do this.

To edit an existing user field

Highlight the User Defined Field you wish to change.

From the File menu, select User-Fields and then Edit User Field. This will bring up the Edit User Defined Field dialog box.

Make the desired changes to the Field Description, and then click OK to finish and return to the list view.


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