Setting a Grace Period for an Expired Member

After completing this lesson you should be able to:

- Specify a grace period for expired members to enter the club

Typically, when a member attempts to check in when their package has expired, a red warning will be displayed at FrontDesk and the ex-member will be denied entry.  However, there is an option to allow the ex-member access a limited number of days after their package has expired.

With this option enabled when the ex-member checks in within their grace period a warning will be displayed so that front desk staff can notify the ex-member of the situation. If the member checks in after the grace period, they will be stopped with a red warning in the same way as other ex-members.

Setting a Grace Period

The Entry Rules tab can be accessed on the Membership Packages Administration window.  This windows is visible when creating a new package or editing an existing package.

In the Grace Period field enter the maximum number days an expired member can still gain entry to the club.  Setting this to zero disables the option.

Click OK to confirm.


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