Setting a Temporary Promotional Price for a POS Item

After completing this lesson you should be able to:

- Create a tempoary promotion price for a stock item

From time to time your club may be offering promotions on certain items, such as a half price promotion on drinks. LeisurePoint allows you to set a temporary promotional price that is only effective during the duration of the promotion. This allows you to plan your promotions in advance and be sure that all the prices will revert to the normal base price once the promotion is over.

To set a promotional price on a stock item

Click the POS (1) button on the Navigation Bar at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the Stock Items (2) Sidebar tab to view a list of existing POS Items.

Highlight the stock item you wish to add a promotional price to.

From the Menu bar select Point-Of-Sale then Edit Stock Item. This will bring up the Edit Stock Item window.

Click on the Sites and Prices Tab.

Select a site from the list by clicking on it once and then select the Edit Site icon from the top tool bar to open the Set up Site Stock Item Prices window.

Under the Promotional Price header, check the box next to Create a sale or promotional price.

Enter the promotional price for the item in the Promotional Price box.

Select the dates when the promotional price will be effective by entering the start and end date of the promotion in the Effective From and Effective To boxes.

Specify a reason for the promotion in the Reason drop down menu.

If you wish to update all sites check the box next to Update other sites.

Select OK to set the promotional price.


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