Creating a 'Bundle' Made of Multiple Sales Items

After completing this lesson you should be able to:

- Create a new bundle

- Specify the pricing of the bundle at each site

- Select each of the sales items you wish to include in the new bundle

To create a bundle

Click the POS (1) button on the Navigation Bar at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the Sales Items (2) Sidebar tab to view a list of existing Sales Items.

Select New Bundle from the toolbar (3) to bring up the Bundle configuration window.

Enter the basic information in the following fields:

Name - The name of the Sales Item.

Short Name - A shorter name for the Sales Item which will take up less space on the screen.

Description - A detailed description of the Sales Item.

Analysis Code - A financial analysis code for use in income and accounting reports.

Once complete click Save to enable the Prices and Bundled Items tabs.

From the Services Record View click the Prices icon on the navigation Sidebar. This will display your site or a list of sites.

Enter the price for the bundle for each site in the Price column. for each site you wish to sell the bundle at change the Active column to true.

Click the Save icon to save your work. You are now ready to add the Service Sales Items to your Bundle.

Note: The price for a Bundle will override any price for an individual item i.e. the costs of each item will not necessarily add up to the same price as the Bundle as they are independent of each other.

Click the Bundled Items icon on the navigation Sidebar. This will display the Bundle Item list view.

Click the Add Item icon on the Actions toolbar to bring up the Service Item Selection dialog box.

Select the item to add and click OK to confirm. Repeat this process until all the desired items are selected.

Click Save and Close to confirm your changes and return to the Sales Item list view. Your bundle will now be included in the list view.


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