Adding a New User

After completing this lesson you should be able to:

- Create a new User account

- Define the communications options for the user

- Set the user roles for the account

To add a user

Click the Users button on the Navigation Bar (1) at the bottom of the screen.

Select the User Accounts Sidebar tab (2). This will bring up the grid list view showing the existing User Accounts and their attributes.

From the File menu, select Users and then Add User. This will bring up the Add User dialog box.

Information Tab

Complete the details required for the available fields:

Logon Name - Enter the name that the User will use whenever they logon to LeisurePoint. This is a required field for a user record.

First Name - If you enter a first name it can only be a name with a length of 33 characters or less.

Last Name - You must enter a name with a length of 33 characters or less. This is a required field for a user record.

Short Name - This is used where space is too limited to display the full name of the user. For example, in the POS user tabs in FrontDesk.

User is Active - Ticking this box ensures that the user is able to logon. If this is unticked the user will have a user account but will not be able to logon.

Available Sites - Every user must be attached to a 'home site' which is selected from the site list drop-down under Single Site. If you want to give the user access to other sites in a Site Group you will need to select the site group from the drop-down list under Site Group. The user will then be able to login to the Webclient and switch between the different sites in the site group.

Language - Select the language the user will see when logging in. The default is English.

Default Tab - Select from the drop-down list which WebClient tab the user will see when logging in. For example, a salesperson will probably want to see the Prospects tab initially, whereas a membership administrator will probably prefer to see the Members tab by default.

When you have finished, click the Save icon to enable the other tabs.

Addresses Tab

Use this area to add an address for the user. For example you may have a tab for home address and one for emergency contacts. Clicking the Make Primary icon on the Actions toolbar will help to identify the main address for the user.

Communication Tab

Use this area to add a range of contact methods for the user, such as Mobile telephone number, email address and so on.

To add a communication method:

On the Actions toolbar click the Include Comm icon to bring up the selection dialog box.

Choose the item you wish to include and click OK to confirm.

Repeat this process until all the desired communication methods are in the Information Area and then fill in the details for each field.

Roles Tab

The roles tab displays a list of the current roles assigned to a user. To add a new role select Set User's Roles button to bring up the Select roles dialog box.

Assign a Role Group to a User by clicking on the Role Group in the Available box and then clicking the single right-facing arrow button. The Role Group will be moved into the Selected box. Repeat this process into all the desired Role Groups are in the Available box.

Press OK to confirm the roles.

When you have finished, click the Save and Close icon to confirm. This will close the dialog and return you to the grid list view, where you should see the new user in the list.


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