Configuring Global Join/Renew Options

After completing this lesson you should be able to:

- Specify if a rejoining fee is charged by the club

- Add an installment plan for the joining fees

- Add additional payment schedules to the membership and joining fees

A number of global options are available that can be applied when a member joins, renews or freezes a membership package. These control when members are charged a rejoining fee, how and if they can pay the joining fee in installments and the permitted freeze durations.

To configure global join/renew options

Click Tools on the Configuration Manager Menu Bar and select Options to display the Options dialog box.

Click the Join / Renew Options tab to the global options for joining and renewal fees.

The following options are available:

Charge joining fees when rejoining terminated members - If a previous member wishes to rejoin, you can decide if they will need to pay a joining fee or not. If your policy is that all returning members are treated as new members (i.e. they need to pay a joining fee), then you should click this checkbox.

Maximum number of monthly joining fee installments - When a member joins a package that requires a joining fee you can configure if the fee can be paid in installments and what the maximum number of monthly installments available is. If your policy is that the joining fee is paid in full, then the number should remain at 1. The results of your choice will be seen in the Charge Schedule lookup list of the Joining Fee section in the Member Joining Wizard.

Allowable membership fee charge installments - You may wish to set up a range of charge schedules that are different to the membership period in the package. For example, you may allow members joining an annual package to choose how they are charged over the course of their membership (such as monthly, quarterly, or a one-off payment). By using this option you will be able to provide flexible package payment options which will be more attractive to more members.

To choose your charge installment options, click the checkbox against each item you wish to include. The results of your choice will be seen in the Charge Schedule drop down list of the Membership Fee section in the Member Joining Wizard.

Permitted days of month for joining and membership fee payments - When setting up a member in the joining wizard the default Scheduled Charge Day is the membership due date. However, more dates can be offered to the member if this fits in with their personal finances. For example, a person who is paid at the end of the month may prefer that their membership charges are taken from their account after they have been paid. To allow more charge days in a month click the checkbox at the side of each date. When submitting charges via Direct Debit the money will be released based on the desired payment date for each member.

Note: This option applies to charges raised and payments collected by Direct Debit only.
SDA advice on best practice is to leave this on the default On Due Date unless there is a specific business benefit from adding more days. Adding more days increases complexity and this could impact the amount of work for the System Administrator.

Membership freeze minimum and maximum period - When you set up a package you can decide if the package can be frozen at the request of the member. When the status of the package is set to frozen, different payment and access rules can be applied. This option allows you to set the global minimum and maximum (in months) for every package. For example, if you set a global minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 6 months, every package you create must have allowable freeze periods within this range (if the package can be set to freeze). Individual packages may have different maximums but they cannot exceed the global maximum, in this example, 6 months.

Click OK to confirm and save your changes.


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