Adding a New Role Group

After completing this lesson you should be able to:

- Add a new user role

- Copy the permissions of an exisiting role if required

To add a new user role

Click the Users button on the Navigation Bar (1) at the bottom of the screen.

Select the User Roles Sidebar tab (2). This will bring up the grid list view showing the existing User Roles.

Click the Maintain Roles icon (3) to bring up the Maintain Roles dialog box.

The Maintain Roles view shows a list of the current roles available. Click the New button to open the Add New Role window.

Complete the following fields on the Add New Role window:

Role Code - Enter a short reference for the role using numbers and/or text.

Description (2) - Enter the name of the role as you would like it to be displayed. Try and make this as specific as possible so it is easier to identify in future e.g. 'Sports Coach'

Permissions - You can either copy the permissions from an existing role by selecting the radio button next to Copy Permissions from another Role and choosing the name of the role in the Copy From Role dropdown or start with a blank roll by selecting the radio button next to No initial Permissions.

When you have finished, click the OK to confirm. This will close the dialog and return you to the grid list view, where you should see the new user role in the list.


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