Setting up Rules for Reference Number Generation

After completing this lesson you should be able to:

- Specify the format of the Membership Number

- Specify the format of the Membership Card Number

- Specify the format of the Organisation reference number

LeisurePoint can be configured to automatically generate a unique reference for Membership numbers, Card numbers and Organisation numbers. By allowing the system to generate numbers you will eliminate the possibility of duplicate numbers or errors made from manual data entry.

To configure membership number format

Click Tools on the Configuration Manager Menu Bar and select Options to display the Options dialog box.

Click the Ref No Generation tab to the global options to display the options for member numbers, card numbers and organisation numbers.

In the Format field under Member Ref No enter the format you wish to have the membership numbers in. Use the following special characters to define the member number:

S - Site Prefix: This is useful for multi-site operators who may already have site codes to identify their sites e.g. Camden site prefix would be 'CAM'. If site prefix is used it is much easier to look at a member number and see which site is the member's home site.

N - Numeric Area: This setting is to configure how many numbers are available for use. The more N's in the Format field, the less chance of running out of numbers.

'Lit': Anything enclosed with the marks will be seen in the number. For example a '-' or '\'. Using these marks will help to split up the number to be more readable.

D - Day of Membership: The day the membership was created will be added to the membership number.

M - Month of Membership: The month the membership was created will be added to the membership number.

Y - Year of Membership: The year the membership was created will be added to the membership number.

In the Replacement Character field enter the number of letters to combine with numbers to ensure you have enough numbers (combinations of letters and numbers) to meet your requirements. When the system runs out of numbers it will substitute for a letter to ensure the member number remains unique.

The Preview windows shows you a few statistic related to you choices in the Format and Replacement Character fields:

  • Card Number - This is a sample based on your choices in the Format and Replacement Character Fields.

  • Potential Values - Based on the choices made this displays how many potential numbers are available.

  • Remaining Values - Shows the potential values less any numbers currently used.

To configure card numbers and organisation reference numbers

Both the Member Card Number and Organisation Reference Number are setup using the same process as the Membership Number. Complete both the Format field and the Replacement character fields.

Note: There is no site prefix availble for the organisation reference number.

Once completed press OK to confirm the changes.


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