Viewing installed User Licenses

After completing this lesson you should be able to:

- View the installed licenses

- Check current license usage

In order to use any aspect of the software you will need to purchase and install a valid software license key for each module or application you wish to use. The software checks this key to ensure that the module has been purchased and that a concurrent user license key is available. If the software is licensed, but all concurrent user licenses are in use (i.e. users are logged onto system) then the user attempting to logon will receive a warning message denying access. If a user logs off, a license will become available and the other user can then log on.

To view the licenses currently installed

Click Tools on the Configuration Manager Menu Bar and select License keys to display the Licensing dialog box.

The Installed Licenses list view displays all the currently installed licenses including:

Application - This is the application or module name for which the licenses relates to for example, sales and marketing, membership and admissions etc.

Expiry Date - This is the date the license will expire and the application stops working.

Number of Users - This is the licenses number of concurrent users for the application.


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