Adding a POS Modifier Group

After completing this lesson you should be able to:

- Add a POS Modifier Group.

- Specify the modifier values within the group.

Adding a POS Modifier Group

Click the POS (1) button on the Navigation Bar at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the Modifiers (2) Sidebar tab to view a list of existing POS modifiers.

From the Menu bar select Point-Of-Sale then Add Modifier Group. This will bring up the Point of Sale Modifiers window.

In the POS Modifiers dialog box, complete the fields:

Modifier Group Code - e.g. STEAK

Description - e.g. Steak serving options

Prompt Text - e.g. Check how the steak should be cooked

To insert the modifier values click the Insert Value icon on Actions toolbar to bring up the Modifier Value dialog box. Enter the Code and Name ( e.g. Code 'MED', Name 'Medium Rare') of the Modifier Value and click OK to add the entry to the list.

Repeat the above process until all the modifier values are entered. Select OK within the POS Modifiers window to save the Modifier Group and Values.


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