Online Settings

After completing this lesson you should be able to:

- Allow online lead/prospect capture and Member Joining for this site

- Allow members to access WebAccess for this site

- Define online graphic properties

Define Online Settings

Define Online Settings

Available Online (1) - If this is ticked you will enable the functionality for Lead/Prospect capture to this site as well as Online member joining for this site.

Web access Register (2) - Automatically registers members of this site who have Joined On-line for WebAccess.

Record Owner (3) - Specifies the Record Manager for all Leads/Prospects captured online.

Site Image URL (4) - Allows you to customise your online Lead/Prospect capture page with your club's Logo.

Site URL (5) - This is website address that you would like the above image linked to.

To confirm the information entered, click OK to return to the Sites list.



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